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GOLFLAND - SCOTLAND hardback book

Delivery in the UK is free. It takes just one or two days. Delivery elsewhere is very expensive. It is £14 in Europe and £25 for the rest of the world (North America, South America, Africa, Asia, you-name-it). The price, in your own currency, will be shown at checkout. before you pay.

But those numbers are outrageous, you say! We know. And for that reason we recommend non-UK buyers shop at Book Depository which offers free worldwide shipping or else they try their own Amazon territory which will most likely offer free shipping. For now global shipping from any of these sources - from us or from Book Depository or your local Amazon - will probably take five to ten working days. As we sell more books through Book Depository and Amazon there will be more pull-through, more stock held in various countries and next day shipping will soon become available. As a start-up we don't yet have the distribution networks of the biggest publishing players. And even they are suffering from the post-pandemic inflationary pressures on fulfilment. Thank you for your understanding! Now go to Book Depository where shipping is gratis! (Search for 'Golfland Scotland' on the Book Depository site.)        


Delivery worldwide is, obviously, free! The file is simply emailed to you instantaneously when you make the purchase.  

GOLFLAND poster prints

Delivery is £7.00 for both poster sizes worldwide. This will appear in your local currency at checkout. Delivery time in the UK is 5 days. International shipping takes 10 days.  


For return information please simply email us here. We are only able to accept returns if books or prints are damaged in transit. That being the case, you will be refunded as speedily as possible.